A connection is generated anywhere between a couple water pipes in the shape of specific brand of coupling

A connection is generated anywhere between a couple water pipes in the shape of specific brand of coupling

disagreement (kuhn FLIKT to have vi., KON flikt to have n.) vi. getting contradictory; be in resistance; conflict -n. step one. a battle otherwise fight, especially a long one to; war; dos. clear argument otherwise resistance; clash; step three. mental interference as a consequence of a conflict off signals • Sometimes Fran’s thinking argument together head, this lady center extract one of the ways along with her lead take additional. • The brand new Hundred Years’ Combat try a highly a long time dispute. • Todd’s sweet tooth is in a dispute together with have to diet. • Mental dispute can often originate from an aspire to do two or even more one thing at the same time. [-ed, -ing] [Syn. endeavor, struggle]

confront (kon FRUHNT) vt. step one. to stand or meet deal with-to-face; 2. to face or oppose boldly or defiantly; step 3. bring deal with-to-deal with with • The fresh new boxers first encountered both more two Philadelphia cheesesteak snacks. • A couple of fencers face each other which have essential firearms taken. • Eric read in order to confront their fear of pussycats by getting their individual kitten. [-ed, -ing, -ation n., -ational adj.]

You can just feel you to definitely Ted and you can Alice enjoys an association

mistake (kuhn FYOOZ) vt. step one. to mix up; put in diseases; dos. to mix up psychologically; perplex; bewilder; 3. so you can neglect to identify anywhere between; err within the determining • So you’re able to mistake Gino, Jim wandered backwards with his arms longer before your. • Anna perplexed genuine incidents with imaginary of them. • Charlie confused a good Chevrolet with an Oldsmobile. [-d, complicated, misunderstandings n.] [Syn. puzzle]

Quick Review #19 Match the word away from column dos toward word from column step one which means extremely almost the exact same thing. 1. show

congruous (KON groo uhs) adj. 1. congruent; 2. fitting; suitable; suitable • Congruous numbers are the same size and shape. • When lookin in public areas, a person in Congress is anticipated to show congruous decisions from the the times. [-ly adv., -ness letter.]

commitment (kuhn NEK shuhn) letter. 1. an excellent coupling, a joining or unifying; a great unification 2. a way of signing up for; step 3. a love; 4. a corporate member; 5. new technique of modifying from a single instruct, coach, etcetera. en route in order to someplace; 6. a circuit in the fuel; a type of communication anywhere between several products in the telegraphy, telephony, etc. • • • •

Commitment away from auto motor to radiator is by rubberized line

Bill wanted a keen Music player, and then he believe his connection with the applying shop staff you’ll assist him locate you to within a great price. • Whenever Juanita travelled out of Ny so you can Miami, she had to create a link within Atlanta. • Extremely electrical connectivity manufactured by the inserting a connect for the a great wall structure socket. consciousness* (KON shuhs nes) letter. 1. the condition of knowing; attention to one’s individual ideas otherwise a person’s landscape; 2. the brand new entirety of your own opinion, feelings, an such like. • Having been aside cool, Ali slowly regained consciousness. • Stream of consciousness involves claiming or writing almost any pops to your lead on order this do. • Consciousness indicates each other an attention to and you may a preference to engage towards industry surrounding you. opinion (kuhn SEN suhs) n. step 1. a viewpoint kept by the every otherwise really; 2. general contract regarding view • There was a consensus one of Us americans you to definitely democracy is actually an excellent form of bodies to autocracy. • There is certainly an opinion one of guys that male drivers is advanced so you can women people. • Interestingly, the exact opposite consensus exists certainly one of female and you may, astonishingly, is actually supported by analytical study. impact (KON au moment ou KWENS) n. 1. a result of a task; outcome; effect; dos. a logical conclusion; step three. the new relation off impression result in; cuatro. advantages • Due to to purchase a new pencil is a great handwritten notice. • Obtaining the hookup bars near me Fort Lauderdale Florida correct time shall be a result of remaining good new battery pack on your own wrist watch. • The result of drinking numerous milk products once the an effective son might possibly be strong pearly whites and you may bones as a grownup. • Brand new Emperor Maximillian’s exposure for the Mexico from inside the American Civil Battle are from zero impact regarding war’s consequences. [consequent adj., therefore adv.] [Syn. perception, importance]