The benefit of a professional looking pre-listing kit

The actual listing presentation is the most important job interview in real estate, and your pre-listing vehicle should look as professional as possible. Making a good impression can make or break the deal.

  • Don’t cut corners, spend time preparing content that will be useful to the seller
  • Include a letter of introduction and a professional resume
  • Testimonials from previous clients may put the prospective seller at ease
  • A list of recent homes sold in the area will establish a proven track record
  • Information on how home prices are established will help serve as a guide
  • A snap-shot of your general marketing plan will show the client you are a serious, full-time agent
  • Any other information that will help the seller get their home ready to sell will show your desire for a successful, timely sale
  • An outline of the home sale process will help put the seller at ease

The presentation should have an upscale look, further proving you are the right choice for the job.