Using drones for real estate photography

Aerial photography from drones creates a level of visual intrigue that is hard to match, and in a way that is more affordable than you might think.

If you felt grounded by the FAA’s delay in hashing out rules for using a drone (or unmanned aircraft system, UAS) for work or business, good news: With the release of official rules in August 2016 for drone operations — and the elimination of certain roadblocks, like waivers — real estate agents are now free to to capture aerial videos that showcase homes.

To date, the FAA reports the top two uses of commercial UASs are aerial photography (34 percent) and real estate (26 percent). You might be asking yourself if using drones for real estate photography is viable — even necessary — for you to stay competitive or if it’s just a flash in the pan. Whatever you decide, drones are shaping up to be the next evolution in real estate marketing.

Here are a few things to think about if you’re either considering or already using drones for your real estate photography.

Drones have more uses than you realize

For real estate agents, drone photography can show potential buyers a variety of details, including:

  • Encompassing aerial views of the entire property and land
  • Confirming condition of the roof and other property features that are difficult to access
  • What the drive home or the kids’ walk to school looks like
  • The neighborhood and surrounding area, including the home’s proximity to amenities
  • Civic developments or local improvement districts (LIDs) that the buyer’s property taxes might contribute to
  • Property maps and surveys

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